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 about Iraq Arts and Culture

Welcome to a profound journey into the heart and soul of Iraq’s artistic heritage – the Iraq Arts And Culture Association. Our mission is to illuminate, celebrate, and safeguard the diverse and resilient arts and culture of Iraq, a treasure trove of human history and creativity.

Our Roots:

The story of Iraq’s arts and culture is intertwined with the annals of history itself. It all began in the ancient land of Mesopotamia, where the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians laid the foundation for human culture. Today, the remnants of these great civilizations stand proudly as archaeological marvels, offering a captivating glimpse into the past.

A Cultural Kaleidoscope:

At Iraq Arts And Culture, we recognize that our nation’s artistic landscape is as diverse as its people. We proudly showcase this kaleidoscope of creativity – from visual arts that vividly depict the stories of our land, to literature and poetry that resonate with the resilience of the human spirit.

Visual Arts:

Our gallery is adorned with the works of Iraqi luminaries celebrated not only in Iraq but also globally. The “One Dimension” movement, founded by an artist who brought geometric abstraction to the forefront of contemporary Iraqi art, continues to influence the creative scene. Artists here draw from these roots, fusing tradition with modernity to create captivating works that mirror Iraq’s complex identity.


Literature and Poetry:

Iraqi literature is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Poets ushered in a new era of modern Arabic poetry with their poignant verses. Literary giants also found inspiration in Iraq’s rich culture. Contemporary writers continue to enrich global literature with their powerful storytelling.

Music and Dance:

Our association resonates with the vibrant blend of Arab, Kurdish, and Turkmen influences that shape Iraq’s music scene. Traditional Iraqi folk dances reflect the cultural diversity that defines our nation.

Theatre and Cinema:

Iraqi theatre, though challenged by years of instability, has produced remarkable talents. In cinema, directors offer windows into the Iraqi experience. Movies delve deep into the complexities of post-war Iraq.

Museums and Heritage:

The Iraq Museum in Baghdad is home to priceless artifacts, including the treasures of Nimrud. Despite enduring looting during the Iraq War, efforts to recover and restore these invaluable pieces persist.

Challenges and Hope:

The world has witnessed Iraq’s artistic community weather numerous challenges, from funding shortages to security concerns. Initiatives work diligently to support Iraqi artists, providing opportunities for them to exhibit their work internationally.

International Collaboration:

We firmly believe that the world has a role to play in preserving and promoting Iraq’s cultural legacy. International collaborations foster knowledge exchange and offer vital financial support. Initiatives aim to restore cultural landmarks and rekindle the city’s artistic soul.


# Iraqi Artists on WikiArt

WikiArt, the renowned online repository of art, proudly features the works of several talented Iraqi artists, including Muntadher Saleh, Rafa Nasiri, and Hassan Massoudy. These artists have contributed significantly to the global art scene, showcasing the rich artistic heritage of Iraq through their creations.

## Muntadher Saleh 

A polymath and neo-pop artist, Muntadher Saleh’s digital and traditional artworks have garnered international recognition. His unique pieces often draw inspiration from Iraq’s history and culture, making him a prominent figure in contemporary Iraqi art. You can explore his works on WikiArt.



## Rafa Nasiri

With a career spanning over six decades, Rafa Nasiri is a pioneer of modern Arab art. His paintings, drawings, and calligraphy works have been exhibited worldwide. Nasiri’s art reflects his deep connection to Iraq’s cultural and political evolution. You can explore his works on WikiArt.


## Hassan Massoudy

An acclaimed calligrapher, Hassan Massoudy’s mastery of Arabic calligraphy has captivated audiences globally. His unique blend of traditional calligraphy with modern expression has earned him a distinguished place among Iraqi artists. You can explore his works on WikiArt.

Join Us on this Journey:

As we navigate this rich tapestry of Iraq’s arts and culture, we invite you to join us. Explore the mesmerizing world of Iraqi creativity, where history, tradition, and innovation converge. Together, let’s make history about Iraq Arts and Culture

About Iraq Arts and Culture
About Iraq Arts and Culture